Our Vision

Be the most international and contemporary home of the best Italian arts, design & culture.

Our Mission

Share with the world the irresistible beauty of NEW Italian cultural experiences at the center of the world: New York City.

About italytime

italytime is an international not-for-profit platform conceived by Vittorio Capotorto and Francesco Pagano, and launched in December 2013, with the endorsement of Dacia Maraini, whose objectives are:

  1. To give new artists the chance to create and re-invent Italian arts, design & culture
  2. To allow kids and teens to nurture their imagination & social engagement
  3. To include everyone from the most diverse background to exchange contemporary Italian experiences

Its goal is to create the first permanent Italian Cultural Center in NYC where the best of Italian theater and the power of live performances will help especially the young to nurture their dreams, discover their identity and build a better world.

The italytime team has been offering since December 2013 the following programs:

  • Live theater shows, featuring new artists and new artistic work
  • Theater workshops for children and schools
  • Evenings of classic Italian movies with live theater
  • Selected soirees featuring short movies from new Italian and Italian-American directors and live theater performances
  • Italian Theater Practicum, to perfect the Italian language by acting while concluding the course with a performance on stage in Italian.

The italytime team has brought to New York unique theater productions, featuring new artists and original artistic work, as well as helped New York and New Jersey Schools to enrich their programs with interactive theater workshops. During italytime’s workshops kids learn (a) the basics of theater, which are critical for their development (i.e., respect for the other, listening, self-awareness, ability to nurture imagination together with their rationality); moreover, (b) they increase their social engagement and (c) have the chance to experience and discuss as individuals and as a group fundamental conceptual and behavioral topics, such as the importance of truth in their everyday life.

This is, indeed, the uniqueness of italytime: we place fresh and innovative artistic work at the center of new theater and education experiences in order to create a community of lovers of the arts and, therefore, of builders of a more engaged and resilient society. Italytime is inspired by the Italian arts & culture, but it is meant to be an open platform for theater lovers of all ages, background and nationalities. Italytime will offer programs in English, Italian and Spanish, and it will create a global online and offline international movement centered around the love for the arts.

To know more, visit us at: www.facebook.com/italytime