For Who? Kids 8-11 or 11-13 (schools in the area of NY/NJ)

Program DescriptioTheater workshop

Overall Program Objectives

  1. Spread a culture of truth via original plays with compelling and contemporary messages
  1. Build social engagement and creativity via theater methodology

Theater Workshop Details

A two-hour engaging performance with professional actors (max. 20 students)

Kids will                  

1. Interact with professional actors, integrate the stories, and perform on stage.

2. Write their own thoughts about truth vs. lies, continuing the work inside the classroom regarding the importance of a culture of truth.

Language of the workshop           English


‘Pinocchio in Manhattan’

Written by Paolo Tartamella

Directed by Vittorio Capotorto


pinocchio-04-07-2014-060Angelina is a ten year-old girl living in a family-oriented, middle class Manhattan neighborhood. She has two brothers and will be attending middle school in the Lower East Side. Because of the financial conditions of the household, she bakes and has bake-street sales every two weekends to earn money for her toys and extra clothes. Angelina thinks she doesn’t have friends because she owns few toys and no gadgets to play with other kids.

Heather is a girl-ghost looking for a human girl to befriend. She tried many times but unsuccessfully, as she thinks she needs to hide the fact that she is a ghost. Pinocchio advises her to get acquainted with Angelina, a girl living in Manhattan. Heather is skeptical: she tried so often around the world, why would it work in New York City?

pinocchio-dec-7-2014-056Heather and Angelina meet for the first time. Heather pretends to belong to an upscale family who just moved down the block and she refuses to help Angelina with her upcoming bake sale. Heather asks Angelina to play instead in the playground late that evening, but Angelina doesn’t want to go because she is afraid of the dark. The two girls fail to connect.

Pinocchio appears and encourages Heather to reveal to Angelina the truth about herself. Before leaving, Heather implores Angelina to be friends with her. Pinocchio explains to Angelina that Heather needs someone to play with at night to break the spell, otherwise she won’t be able to experience the daylight. In addition, Angelina is the very first person to know who Heather is and Heather has to show that truth is the only way to friendship.



Written by Paolo Tartamella
Directed by Vittorio Capotorto


 At sunrise, after waking up the World with the Sun, Red asks the King of Colors to give his color also to the tomatoes which, at that time, were only green and yellow. Convinced of Red’s superiority, the King agrees to do it and communicates his decision to the other Colors. But he provokes their complaints, since it is known that Red enjoys excessive privileges. The wisdom and subservience shown by Brown, Green, and Orange oblige the other colors to remain submissive.

000_6509While he is on his way to paint his first tomato field, Red bumps into a little Mountain to which he explains things about the world, since the Mountain has only seen that which surrounds her. Red and the Mountain fall in love and she asks him if, as a token of his love, she can acquire the color red while he travels around.

He submits his request to the King, but the King refuses his consent because he is afraid of confronting a general revolt by the other Colors.

Irritated by the King’s refusal (his first ever), Red announces that he will leave the world, eliminating the presence of the color red in its entirety.

The Colors not only ask the King for an explanation000_7096, but now that they are free of Red’s arrogance, they hope to get their own color on everything that is no longer red. The King takes his time to decide but, the next morning, when the Sun is about to rise, he cannot delay any longer and decides to look for the rebellious Red.

The little Mountain will be the one to tell him where is Red, who refuses to give once again his color to the Sun unless the King confirms his original request, i.e., to give his color also to the Mountain.

copy-of-000_6954This time around the King asks him to chose between the Mountain and the Sun, as he cannot keep both.

And when Red announces that he wishes to follow his instinct of affection, the King has no choice but to assign to the Sun the wiser and more esteemed color: Orange.

From that moment on, today it is still possible to visit a little Red Mountain within the confines of China.

For the after-school program, italytime’s Team will prepare a custom-made activity.